Games of Fame

A short time ago, in a country just like your own…

There was a time, not too long ago, when video games didn’t exist. Then —almost overnight it seemed— they’re a multibillion dollar industry bigger than all other entertainment put together.

But try to get a little respect! For most of those formative years the industry was derided, worthy only of the ire of parents and a few attempts by Hollywood to cash in on the latest “fad”. I wonder how they feel now, when an animated hedgehog outsells all of a year’s movies put together?

The golden age of the arcade is already dead and buried, and the industry has moved on to the computer and console field. It’s funny in a way, history only starts getting interesting when it’s too late to preserve it. But being as pig-headed as I am, I at least had to try.

So what’s this all about?

How many times have you started up a new program and found that they almost got it right? If they had just included this feature from that program, it would have been perfect. Over and over again developers simply pick one game to copy, ignoring all the other good ideas out there.

And that’s what started this site. I’ve played games that had some amazing ideas in it, ideas that still haven’t found their way into newer games — because people don’t know about them. Well maybe some aspiring author will trip across this site at some point and add one or two ideas they pick up, that would make it all worthwhile. The history’s important, but the ideas I’m trying to get down.

If you don’t see a game here it could be for of a couple of reasons, but it’s most likely because I’ve never heard of it, never played it, or because I forgot about it. If you think there’s something I’m missing, please tell me!

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